Korean Lessons


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Korean Lessons

1. Enroll In Course

Browse our varied levels of Korean courses and enroll yourself in the curriculum to start learning. Once a member of a course, you can work through each unit at your own pace, learning the most important grammar, vocabulary, cultural points and natural Korean dialogue that you can put to use. When you are confident with what you’ve learned, you can reinforce your knowledge with interactive assignments and an end-of-course quiz before progressing to the next level.

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2. Join Study Group

For every course that you are assigned to, you will find a connecting ‘study group’. This is an interactive community group, created for you to practice what you have been studying alongside other enrolled students, take part in extra exercises, and get help from a tutor on any subject you may be struggling with. You can also take advantage of the group activity streams and forums to show off what you have learned!

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3. Live Lessons

There is no better way to master a language and speak with confidence than taking part in one to one lessons. Practice in detail with your tutor what you have studied in our courses, or have a tailor made, real time lesson, customised to your needs, learning any subject you wish us to cover. You can also take part in fun study group live sessions with other students, practicing dialogue, pronunciation, interactive exercises and more, covering any topics you may be having trouble with!

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4. Reinforce with study tools

Mastering Korean doesn’t end at a one to one lesson. You can continue your studies whenever and however suits you. You can do this by using the helpful studying tools available on the website, and also the extra curriculum provided by your tutor. If you wish for further assignments, real time lessons, extra study sessions or need additional help, our dedicated tutors are there for you 24/7 using the community features on the site.

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